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Fire Gloves - Granqvists®

In the year of 2006 the new Granqvists® factory stood ready for production. With 220 permanent employees we are safe to say that we have the largest factory producing technical protective gloves in Europe. The brand Granqvists® was established in Sweden 1984 and has been producing gloves for Fire fighting, Police and Military users since the last 30 years. Granqvists® has the great advantage to produce our gloves in our own factory were development and choice of materials occurs side by side with the production.

FIRE GRIP 2.0 – BA0901
Sizes: 7-13

Fire Grip is probably the most protective fire-fighting glove in Europe. Fire Grip is the
most technically advanced leather glove characterized by outstanding mechanical and
thermal protection levels. The glove comprises of extraordinary materials in its
composition to create outstanding sensitivity and protection at the same time. Its
waterproof and breathable membrane provides resistance to chemicals and blood
borne pathogens. It is ergonomic in design both in the outer shell and lining with
reinforcing across the knuckles and palm for maximum protection and performance.

Sizes: 7-13

Nordic Elk grip utilizes a high-end leather which affords the wearer superior protection against mechanical risks and high temperatures. Thanks to the ergonomic shape and carefully selected materials the glove provides maximum protection with the highest dexterity and comfort. The unique glove system consists of specially treated leather – water resistant, non-flammable and liquid chemical resistance whilst still maintaining suppleness in the leather. Its waterproof and breathable membrane combined with a fire-resistant lining based on mixture of Kevlar®/Mineral makes this one of the best structural firefighting gloves on the market today.

Sizes: 7-13

Dexterity Grip is a structural fire-fighting glove. This glove offers high dexterity and
comfort without compromising protection. The glove system consists of specially
treated leather – waterproof, non- flammable and liquid chemical resistant.
Additional protection against heat and penetration of sharp or hot objects is provided
thanks to its Kevlar®/mineral fiber lining and reinforcing in the knuckle and palm. Its
waterproof and breathable membrane provides resistance to chemicals and blood
borne pathogens.

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