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Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

A Kitchen Fire Suppression System is an automatic system designed to protect the following areas associated with cooking equipment.

The system protects :

• Hoods
• Ducts
• Filters
• Fryers
• Griddles
• Range tops
• Many more

There is no better way of protecting your restaurant and staff against fires.

The suppression system is ideally suited for :

• Restaurants
• Fast food outlets
• Clubhouses
• Mobile kitchens
• Hospitals
• Nursing homes
• Hotels
• Schools
• Airports
• Many More

The system blends in without affecting the kitchen’s operation. If there is a fire, it cleans up fast so that if you do have a fire, you will be back in business faster with less damage and clean-up cost. The system is capable of automatic detection and will also have a manual activation system.

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