patient moving
and handling

The programme will enable learners to deliver Patient Handling. It will ensure competency in the preparation of Patient Handling assessments.

Patient Moving & Handling

This course is designed for Healthcare workers who need to be trained to safely move and handle patients under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work 2005 and Manual Handling Regulations 1993 and 2007.

This training programme is a full day course, suitable for up to 10 participants. The training involves classroom tuition and practical demonstrations. Wherever possible, demonstrations will involve a workplace setting or replication of typical work activities.

At the end of the training course participants should be able to:

  • Briefly explain the manual handling duties of the employer and employees
  • Explain briefly the functions of the body parts involved in manual handling and how they can be injured
  • List typical manual handling risks and injuries
  • Explain how to personally risk assess typical manual handling tasks in their workplace
  • Describe the components of task specific manual handling risk assessments in their workplace
  • Describe the 8 principles used in manual handling techniques
  • Demonstrate safe manual handling techniques based on the 8 principles
  • The Law and its application to the Manual handling environment
  • Musculoskeletal system
  • Biomechanics and Mechanism of Injury
  • Flexibility
  • Ergonomics and Risk Assessment
  • Basic Principles of Lifting
  • Log Roll
  • Sitting Patient up in bed
  • Turning patient in bed using sliding sheets
  • Moving patient up the bed using sliding sheets
  • Sitting patient to edge of a bed
  • Standing patient
  • Transferring patient from bed to chair
  • The Falling Patient
  • Correct use of hoist / slings / walk-transfer belt

In skills demonstrations, candidates will be observed carrying
out the following practical tasks:

  • Lifting or moving a sample load from point A to point B and verbalising the procedure
  • Theory based examination assesses the candidates ability to recall and apply theory and understanding requiring responses to multiple choice questions, the questions may be answered in different media such as in writing or orally.


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